Appearance Edit

He is somewhat scrawny, but appears to posess a wiry strength as a Dark Knight.  He has unruly deep auburn hair, and a near permanent smirk or sneer on his face.

Personality Edit

Ranta is the group hot-head.  Often something of a blow hard and very immature, his greatest contribution to the team dynamic is his willingness to fight.  Even that however is added with some reluctance (despite his protests to the contrary). In combat his goal is to win in the single minded pursuit of Vices (Dark Knight skills), although his abilities are becoming formidable, it doesn't make him much of a team player.  He seems to have hypermasculine aspirations, but lacks the self control or true confidence to back up his arrogance.  He is also not overly bright, as Haruhito has already outwitted him a several times.

Ranta is a pervert, seeming to be some sort of coping mechanism. His regard to the women in the party is reprehensible and shows a lack of respect not only for their persons, but hints at his own disregard of himself.  He is clearly a character holding deeper issues, though these have yet to be revealed due to the collective amnesia of the party.  Currently it has been shown that even the murder of a goblin touches his soul to an extent, as he is clearly traumatized after the party's first kill. 

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