Cure: Manato can heal normal wounds with his skill which he learned from his guild.

Smash: Priests are forbidden the use of blades or weapons that can spill the blood of enemies, and thus use staves and maces as their primary weapons. The "Smash" skill deals heavy damage to the target.

Plot Edit

He is one of the humans that has been awaken in a large building which then he volunteers as a soldier despite being left by Renji's group. Manato sees things clearly, devising the party's plan to have a balance of classes and sending the members out to the individual guilds to learn their skills. He is the motivator and the natural default leader of the group. As a fighter, he is on par with Moguzo, according to Haruhiro.

He is always seen with Shihoru on rest days and he is one of the characters that entirely supports its team as he is always seen helping wounded teammates. Later on a city which they've planned to scout because of the goblins there, he after the 2nd battle walks towards an alley when Haruhiro is shot by a crossbow bolt which then he heals later. After escaping the goblins, he is shot in the back by a Goblin which results in his death later.

The party rushes him back to the priest temple, hoping that the head priest will be able to revive him. Unfortunately, that magic is beyond the head priest, who goes on to inform them that they must cremate Manato's remains. This is because the Undead King had cast a spell (curse?) over the land and anyone who dies, but whose body remains intact will rise from death as a sort of shadow of their former selves, with their previous skills, but no memories or attachments to their old comrades, and a desire to kill the living. This is seen when the party later enters the Siren Mine and encounters the remains of Mary's late friends.

Relationships Edit

Haruhiro Edit

Manato seemed to have an extremely close relationship with Haruhiro, somewhat of a younger-and-elder-brother relationship. Just as he does for the rest of the team, Manato cares deeply for Haruhiro.

During a raid on a Goblin city, as they fled (after being outnumbered), Manato was shot in the back by an arrow but refused to show that he was injured to save Haruhiro and the others, and before he dies, he states that he is 'counting on Haruhiro,' displaying great trust in the thief.